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Firings and terminations can feel so arbitrary and mean spirited that it is understandably easy to believe an employer has broken employment laws.  However, Pennsylvania, like many other states, is an "employment-at-will" state.  This means that, absent an employment contract, you do not have a case for wrongful termination unless you were fired for an illegal reason.
Though the vast majority of firings in an "employment-at-will" state are legal, there are nonetheless numerous illegal reasons for firings, and wrongful firings occur daily. 
Were you fired:
  • For refusing to commit a crime?
  • Because a disability?
  • After requesting an accommodation?
  • In retaliation because you complained about discrimination?
  • For serving on jury duty?
  • For filing a workers' compensation claim?
  • For refusing to grant sexual favors?
  • Because you are pregnant?
  • For taking time off due to a serious health condition?
  • For exercising your right to free speech?
  • Because of your race, color, age, gender, religion or disability

If you were wrongfully fired from your job call Bruce Preissman, Esq.
Attorney Preissman can meet with you, answer your questions and provide straightforward counsel and advice regarding your options.  He may recommend filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), or he may recommend filing a lawsuit.  Either way, he can provide comprehensive legal representation to you for your wrongful discharge claim.

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If you have a question regarding your layoff or firing, contact The Law Offices of Bruce Preissman. We offer free initial consultations for many types of cases, including discharge claims. 
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